Nausea, Nesting, and Forgetting it all… my life at 30 weeks

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hump day

Today marks 30 weeks of pregnancy! It’s crazy to realize I’m about 10 weeks or so away from meeting my little girl! A lot has happened since I last shared my bump… so I figured I’d share where I’m at today!

30 week bump

How Far Along: 30 weeks exactly!

Boy or Girl: Girl! Cora Belle!

How big is baby: the size of a squash! (she is starting to run out of room! Get used to it girlie!)

Baby Development: Cora is still moving like crazy, and now my belly is big enough that her movements can be seen clearly from the outside. Although, I find her to be frustratingly coy! She’ll be kicking up a storm and I’ll exclaim to anyone nearby that they should look at my belly… and OF COURSE she stops moving! Which can be awkward for whoever I just asked to gawk at my belly. (especially when it’s a stranger at the grocery store)

Momma Development: All I want to do is decorate! We rearranged our bedroom to make a little nursery area for our baby girl. Now that it’s set up, I just want to create! Nesting is in full swing! Additionally, “pregnancy brain” is getting really bad. I forget things all the time. Common sense is hard for me right now, and sometimes I get confused in conversations… oh it’s INSANE. I’ve found that I have accidentally thrown away something I meant to refrigerate and find that there’s now trash in the refrigerator. Anyone who talks to me… please forgive me if I’m a space case! There are too many hormones buzzing around for me make sense of life!!

Food Cravings: Nausea has returned. Womp womp. I don’t want to eat much of anything, but every now and then I’ll get a random craving. Today I sent this text to my husband: I am SO nauseous, but all I want is chips, salsa, queso and tacos. Oh. and a bucket of tums for the following heartburn.  haha. Oh pregnancy.

Food Aversions: Right now, everything. I don’t like food (which is really rare for me). I’m kind of eating what I can and whatever sounds good in the moment.

Momma’s Mood: Despite nausea, crazy pregnancy brain, and a very full belly making it hard to sleep, I feel SO happy! Maybe the same hormones that are causing all of those symptoms are also causing a crazy euphoria, but I feel great! I’m happy I’m in the last leg. I know this sounds weird, but I’ve had a hard time believing I’m pregnant. Suddenly I feel pregnant. I am at the point where I look in the mirror and get excited about my growing bump knowing she will be here soon. I also feel this buzz of energy/excitement because I know the day I’ll hold my little lady is drawing nearer and nearer! I’m so thankful that my family is growing, and feel blessed to have the opportunity to be Cora’s momma.

All in all, it’s been a good few weeks since I last posted. We celebrated a very special Christmas, then new years, and then moved right on to potty training my son (which might require a whole post in and of itself!). There have been many special moments, and I want to cherish them all! I know life will get sweeter when Cora is here, but I think life is pretty awesome now too, and I’m trying to focus on enjoying each day rather than counting them down.

Until next time, much love to all you momma’s out there!

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