Hump Day/BUMP day! 25 weeks

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hump day


Most of the time I utilize this blog as a means to share the videos I make for other people’s awesome families. Today, I want to take a slight break to share a personal update on my (ever-growing) baby bump! Here it is, in all of its spherical glory….

25 photo

pardon the towels photobombing this picture

My Sister-in-Law has an adorable blog, and during her first pregnancy she shared a weekly wednesday update in her aptly titled: hump day bump day, series. I have nowhere near that amount of discipline to post weekly, so instead I’m sharing this post as an homage to her!

How Far Along: 25 weeks exactly (that’s almost 6 months! Eep!)

Boy or Girl: Girl! Cora Belle!

How big is baby: the size of a head of Cauliflower

Movement: Holy moly, YES. When I was pregnant with Spencer, he was super active, but I didn’t feel him until 16 weeks. I started feeling Cora move around 9 weeks, and her movements are already so strong you can see my belly bounce whenever she kicks! The technician who did our ultrasound said she was one of the most active babies she’d seen in a while!

Food Cravings: Breakfast sausage and cake (not together, but I wouldn’t mind eating them consecutively)

Food AversionsI can’t STAND eggs!

What I miss: SUSHI. I’d kill for a spicy tuna roll!

What I’m looking forward to: Christmas! I am so anxious to meet our little girl, but I’m really excited about getting to have a little special family time just as the three of us before Cora arrives!

What difficulties has this pregnancy brought: I was really really nauseous in the first trimester, but now that that’s passed, I’m struggling a lot with rib pain. My ribs have a lot of pressure on them as my belly expands, and my left side aches most of the day. I’m thankful for a husband who gives me lots of massages and comfort!

How I’m facing those difficulties: For weeks I was feeling really discouraged. In addition to aches and pains in my belly, the rib pain could knock me off my feet. Plus, as I searched the internet, everyone seemed to say their rib pain only increased until eventually they had their baby. So, for weeks I was having a pity party. Then, my husband and I started taking Bradley Method (Bradley is husband coached natural childbirth) classes with an AMAZING, ENCOURAGING, GREAT teacher… the aforementioned sister in law (check out her FB page!) Sara gave me some practical exercises I can do daily that help alleviate the pain, and gave Shawn some tips on how to get me to relax in the midst of the pain. I’ve actually had a lot of relief from the pain ever since! It’s been amazing!

Words of wisdom: grace. That’s what every mom needs to give herself. This pregnancy, I’m finding that to be true. I so badly want to have “the best pregnancy” and “the best attitude” in pregnancy, that a lot of the time I get discouraged when it’s difficult. My friends and family are quick to remind me to give myself grace. Yes. Pregnancy is hard. In fact, being a parent is hard. But if I stop and cry every time I fail at being perfect, I’ll never be able to enjoy any aspect of life! SO many amazing things are happening each day, and I think it’s time I learned to embrace grace!

Much love and grace to all you momma’s out there!

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