Five Year Story

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Marriage is an absolutely beautiful, mysterious thing. When I see healthy, happy marriages I always find myself in awe. It is truly a gift to have a happy marriage, but I personally know that it is by no “luck” or coincidence that a marriage is healthy. It takes hard HARD work to create a strong marriage. Add a kid, or (as in this case), TWO kids and you have even MORE work cut out for you.

That’s why I was so moved to create this video. Amanda and Paul celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary this past week and Amanda wanted to surprise her husband with a video that showed what the past five years have been like. In EVERY second of this video you can see the strength of this couple’s love. I was moved to tears watching their home footage of bringing their son home for the first time. (you can watch it at 3:05) Paul is absolutely in awe both of his son, but of his amazing wife. The joy on his face is beautiful, and I laughed out loud when he told the camera of his wife’s labor and then said, “bless her soul, she’s so sweet”.

This couple has everything it takes to have a healthy, happy marriage. And I can’t wait to do their ten year video. Happy anniversary Paul and Amanda! I pray you continue to grow in love and happiness every day.

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