Give Thanks

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In my last blog post I discussed my battle with Post Partum depression. It was an awful, ugly time for me, and it completely zapped me creatively. Part of what I dealt with was hating the title of “mom” and the last thing I wanted to do when I was in that mindset was to be called “momma” or to watch other families be blissfully happy. So, I stopped. I almost turned my back completely on Movie Momma, and I was fine with the fact that I didn’t have any work for a while.

But, as with all things, the Lord knew what I needed most. Around the 8 month mark of my daughter’s life, I was finally feeling better. I considered promoting my own business once more, but didn’t quite have enough energy to reach out. So, God brought the work to me.

I received an email from the lovely Jolynn Dupree asking if I would be able to create a video to give as a Christmas present that celebrated all that their family had been through in the last year. I hesitated. I was unsure if I could deliver what this woman needed. Her family of 6 is incredible. Their joy is contagious. Their love for the Lord is inspiring. Could I handle creating a forever memory of all they had been through in the past year?

I felt I had to tell Jolynn yes, because she has been so wonderful to work with in the past, and I did not want to let her down. What’s more was that I also felt like I needed to give my all to be sure she would be happy with her video.

What I didn’t know was that while I thought I would be creating a gift for Jolynn, she was actually giving me an incredible gift. When I sat down to watch her family videos, I was moved to tears by her family’s love for one another. The grace and joy that is so evident in every interaction inspired me to love my own children better. In short, just a brief observation of this family motivated me to live my own life fuller.

The Dupree family is certainly blessed, and while they have much to give thanks for, I give thanks for them. This video was not only a pleasure to create, it was inspiring to me. I hope it brings out gratitude and joy in your own life as you watch it!


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