Happy Birthday Momma!

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As parents, our lives often revolve around our children. Sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of who we are, or what makes us special when we are focusing on our family. That’s why I was so excited when Brian, a loving husband, reached out to me to help him celebrate his wife, and the mother of their two sons. He wanted to celebrate her birthday by creating a little homage to his wife, and then showing home videos of their boys to testify to how much this incredible momma has poured into her kids. ┬áIt’s easy to see that this momma is an amazing woman, because her kids are happy, and hilarious!

Jessica, you are a wonderful influence on the boys in your life. You’re life is a gift to those around you, and this world wouldn’t be the same without you! I hope your birthday week is a special one, and that you’d feel all the love you deserve!

Happy Birthday Jessica!

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