Happy birthday to my niece!

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Three years ago, my husband and I flew from our home in Los Angeles to Atlanta, Georgia to spend Christmas with my husbands family. There was a dual purpose in this… my sister in law was due on December 26 with my niece. We celebrated a lovely Christmas, and then waited for the arrival of sweet Keelin. There was a warm feeling in the air, the buzz of Christmas still lingered as we waited to hear if Keelin had arrived yet. I remember the anticipation, and the joy surrounding the whole event.

Keelin did not waste time! She arrived early in the morning on December 27th. We got to see her just a short time after she was born, and she was beautiful. At that point in life, I had never been around a newborn before, and I felt my heart melt and fall in love with this little human being.

Since then, I’ve had the joy of actually getting to see her blossom into a little lady. Keelin is a SMART cookie! She is well behaved, creative, and just a joy to be around. My son lights up when he sees her (even photos of her!) because he has so much fun when they are together.

This little lady has brought so much joy into my life, and I know even moreso for her mom and dad. Keelin, I hope you have a magical, wonderful birthday full of joy… because it’s what you give out every day of your life! Love you!

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