Momma Monday: Meet Jolynn!

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Moms work hard, and get very little recognition for that extraordinary work. That’s why every Monday I try to celebrate the life of a mom I admire and find new ways to say, “thank you”. This Monday I’m excited to give thanks to a mom who has four kids under the age of six who has learned that she is more than enough, just as she is.




Jolynn and her husband dated throughout college, and ended up getting married a few weeks later. A short time into their marriage, Jolynn found out that she was unexpectedly pregnant! Unfortunately, she ended up miscarrying, but her whole world had already been turned upside down from that point forward.

“Baby fever hit me like a ton of bricks, and we got pregnant with Aidan (my oldest) the next year!”

And my, how their family would grow! Jolynn is now a stay at home mom to four kids all under the age of six. You might remember her family from a Movie Momma video I made for her back in December that clearly shows just how happy, and loving her family is.

“I got married young and we had our first baby young, so it was an adjustment, but I have always loved it.  The minute I met Josh (my husband) and knew he was the man I had been praying for, all I wanted was to be his wife and have babies.  Initially he wanted 2 and I wanted 3, and we got 4 – the Lord is so good.”

As you can imagine, Jolynn has days where she feels overwhelmed, but she’s pretty good at just laughing it off.

One of my funniest moments being a mama to 4 kids ages 6 to 1 would be a few months ago I took all 4 kids to a birthday party at a farm by myself…I know….what was I thinking?!?  So at this birthday party, which we’re late to, I have Maddox (my youngest) strapped to my chest and the other 3 are running around.  It’s pure chaos.  I’m trying to “talk” to other parents while constantly counting, ‘1, 2, 3….ok, there’s 1, where’s 2? Oh there he is, and there’s 3.’

“At some point they all come up to me and say they’re hungry and wanted cake. I look over and there’s a few people around a picnic table with a birthday cake that has been cut, so I walk over there and cut 3 pieces and my kids sit down and they start eating.  I’m just in my own world getting them napkins, another fork because they dropped the first one, taking off coats, picking up stuff, the normal mommy duties.  Then my friend (it’s her little girl’s birthday party) walks over to me and she says, “Jolynn…you know I love you and we’re in the same boat so there’s no judging, but that’s not our birthday cake!”  YOU. ARE. KIDDING.  I look around, and sure enough I don’t know any of these people and my kids are sitting at the main birthday cake table eating a random strangers birthday cake!  They were really nice about it and we all had a huge laugh, but I told my husband that I was “tapping out” when I came home after that day haha!”


When it comes to her role, Jolynn is also pretty open about the challenges that come with it.

“My biggest challenge is letting go of some control and having patience. It’s hard to realize that the laundry will NEVER be done, I will never have everything checked off my “to-do” list, everything takes 3x as long as you think it will, and it’s a struggle to keep the house going in an slightly functional manner.

I have had to let go of some control.  I’ve had to look at those 4 little faces and tell myself THEY are more important than keeping the house perfect, or being on time to everything, or being involved with everything, or having a ton of extra money, or complaining about the mundaneness of my daily routine.  I read a book called “Mom Enough” (Desiring God) and it was SO good on helping me realize that all the mundaneness of laundry, carpooling, making lunches and dinner, cleaning up, picking up clutter, etc, etc, etc is an honorable mission field and the most important job!”

And it’s clear that Jolynn manages to handle that job well. Her children are active and happy, and that is most definitely the fruit of a mom who loves her kids with all she has.


Jolynn loves being a stay at home mom, despite the fact that some days it can be a very difficult job. But a few years back, her family fell into some financial difficulty due to the economic recession. At that time she went looking for a way in which she too could support her family without taking away from her time with them.

“With our 4th baby I got really bad pregnancy mask all over my face and tried everything under the sun to help it.  Nothing worked!  Then my friend told me about this product called Nerium.  Within 25 days my pregnancy mask had faded and my skin was more radiant than ever before.  I was AMAZED.

I ended up joining the Nerium business because we needed a plan B so we never went through a recession unprepared again. We have 4 kids and need additional income, and we thought this business could make our dreams a reality.  It has. I earned my FREE Lexus in August of this past year and this year we are working towards our $50,000 bonus.  I do all of this in the cracks of my life – during nap time, in carline, while grocery shopping, wherever.  I still get to stay home and raise my babies while making real money to help our family live a life of financial freedom.  I am a NORMAL, everyday mom with no sales experience and this has worked for us because it’s a “turn-key” system.  You follow the system, it works and you get paid…and you get paid really well!  I feel that I have found a gift and want to tell the world about it because it has been such a blessing for our family and is going to change the trajectory of our life.”

Because she loves her job so much, Jolynn has offered to help other moms get involved with Nerium too. You can contact her at: If you are interested in any products you can view them here. 


When asked what her favorite part of motherhood is, she said this:

“My favorite thing about being a mama is the love you have for your kids and the love they have for me and their daddy.  The joy we feel when they can’t wait to tell us something and their eyes are lit up with excitement, and watching them change and grow and learn.  It reminds me how much Jesus loves us and how blessed we are to feel this kind of love.”

Thank you Jolynn for putting the effort into loving your kids well. Thank you for choosing to put aside some “control” and invest in your children. My hope is that you will be blessed for many years with a family who only grows daily in love.

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