Banners, Blackboards, and a Beautiful life

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Moms work hard, and get very little recognition for that extraordinary work. That’s why every Monday I try to celebrate the life of a mom I admire and find new ways to say, “thank you”.  This Monday, meet a mom who is as crafty and unique as they come! She’s absolutely in love with her son, and life. Today we celebrate Katie!



Katie has a lot to share about her beautiful journey into motherhood, as well as finding balance in life. I LOVE when moms speak candidly about their lives, and Katie’s is a wonderfully inspiring! Here’s what she had to say about jumping into the life of motherhood. (ALSO, be sure to read all of this because Katie is offering a deal to Movie Momma readers!)

My name is Katie Terry and I have one child, my little man, Carter. As you may know (from his Movie Momma video) he just turned one!


I literally cannot believe it. I know it really happened and that was the date on the calendar, but it just went by so quickly! The saying “the days are long but the years are fast” rings so very true!  Then on the other hand, life before Carter seem like a faraway memory. It’s as though I’ve known him forever, yet we met for the first time not that long ago.


My favorite moment as a mom so far has to be when they handed Carter to me at the hospital… It was the strangest, most wonderful mix of emotions. Like I had been missing someone so badly that I didn’t know yet… and at that moment I finally got to meet him!  Runner up has to be hearing the sweet word “momma” come out of that little mouth. Absolutely melted my heart!


Katie and her husband decided that it would be best for their family if she stayed home while Carter is young. In order to do so, Katie opened up her own ADORABLE little shop on Etsy!

IMG_2012But, as any work at home mom knows, being both mom and business owner can be a major challenge! How does Katie balance motherhood with the exceptional creativity she needs to complete her work?

If there were more hours, naps, and free hands at my disposal, things would definitely get done quicker, but I’m not so sure life would be any sweeter.Katie

I would say that one of the biggest challenges I experience as a new mom and now a little business owner, is finding balance between these roles. Now that I’ve opened my little shop to help with the financial side of things, it’s difficult to fit in all the many things I want to do both as a mom, wife, friend, and a small shop owner. If there were more hours, naps, and free hands at my disposal, things would definitely get done quicker, but I’m not so sure life would be any sweeter. There are so many precious moments and firsts happening and I want to be there for as many as I can.  Sometimes its just a matter of deciding between working on _____ immediately or taking the time to sit and read a book with my little one. Balance is key and the Lord is teaching me to take advantage of those times when I can, and should, sit down and read a book with him. I won’t get those moments back!  Besides, some of the best inspiration for my work comes from those sweet moments with my family!

So, let me rephrase… its not so much an equal balance… One role is definitely more important than the other.  If I can take time out to focus on my role as a mom, my little shop will actually benefit.  The things I am selling are about life and are inspired by my family.  The very name of the shop, Journey Joyful, comes from our life as a family.  I am creating keepsakes and reminders of all the joys this journey of life has to offer.  It is important to take time out and soak in the joy in our journey!  And yes, that means I won’t be doing every little thing I could possibily be doing on the shop end, but, I’m learning that that is okay!  Investing time in my family reaps a different kind of reward that I will can’t find elsewhere.  That is something I have to remind myself of daily.  Seeking to be a “Proverbs 31” woman is a tough balancing act to follow!  Fortunately, this challenge is overcome through the grace and peace that comes from Christ. For that, I am ever grateful.


Right now I am offering personalized hand painted chalkboard birthday signs (my favorite),


hand painted keepsake items,


banners, and hand lettered/illustrated art prints


Each print is designed and lettered by hand using archival ink and some contain watercolor painted accents.  Currently I have a couple stationery items up for grabs as well.  All prints are printed locally on museum grade, fine art paper.  As part of this new launch, I am bringing the price of the 8 x 10 prints way down, so now is the perfect time to check out the shop!


 Overall, these are all keepsake items that bring charm to different stages and joyful events in life!  I love to receive custom requests and try new things out for my customers.

To visit Katie’s Etsy shop, CLICK HERE

As a thanks to Movie Momma, I am offering a coupon code for $1.00 off to Movie Momma friends! All you have to do is type in the coupon code MOVIEMOMMA at checkout!


Katie, you are an inspiration. Your love and passion for your family is beautiful. I love that from that beauty, creativity flows and helps you find balance. May you continue to grow, and be blessed by your son. As a mother, it’s our role to help our children grow into the people they should be. The amazing part of that process is that while we are focused on them growing into who they should be, we become the person we were always intended to be. Katie, it’s absolutely beautiful that a transformation has happened as you crossed over into motherhood, and I pray you savor every second of it! We applaud you and this beautiful transformation you’ve been through!

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