Momma Monday: Miracles in Stitches

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Moms work hard, and get very little recognition for that extraordinary work. That’s why every Monday I try to celebrate the life of a mom I admire and find new ways to say, “thank you”. This Monday, I am celebrating both an amazing momma, but also her little miracle baby. 



Leigh is a mother to three incredible children, who each have some of the funniest personalities I know! I can’t help but laugh when I see another update on Facebook about Leigh’s oldest son Josiah. Here’s what I mean:

Leigh-Josiah quote


Her family is definitely full of life, love, and laughter, and it’s been even more full since they welcomed their third child, a beautiful baby girl named Isla-Louise. But the journey to get her here was quite a scary one.


Both of Leigh’s older children had been born full term and a healthy 9 lbs each. But Isla-Louise was born 5 weeks early due to the risk of uterine rupture. It definitely wasn’t what Leigh had expected.

“It was so scary because [when she was born] she wasn’t  breathing and was blue. They took her in another room to care for, and I never heard her first cry.  I was in recovery a long time, so I finally met her late at night. She was covered by her breathing apparatus and a hat. All I could see were her beautiful Cupid’s bow lips.

“There aren’t words to describe the helplessness I felt. Thankfully by the next morning she didn’t need to help her breathe, but she had a possible infection. They would have to keep her to give her antibiotics.”

“The NICU is a minute by minute experience. You feel hopeful & hopeless at the same time. I often felt selfish because our baby was so much bigger & healthier than the other babies. Then I felt jealous of the families who had their babies in their maternity rooms.”

After an intense time of Isla-Louise being in the NICU and their family only being able to occasionally see her, she was finally released to go home. However, the difficulties didn’t end there.

“When Isla-Louise was finally discharged, I knew our next uphill battle would be medical bills. My husband is a small business owner and our insurance isn’t great. As we watched the bills pour in, we added them up. It’s about  $10,000 in medical debt. Of course we need to pay it. But how? Our finances were stretched already from previous medical bills and other expenses.”

Stitching together the pieces

“You know the saying “Necessity is the mother of invention”? It’s true. One day I sat overwhelmed & praying about paying bills. I saw all of my friends with their online handmade stores. I realized I could do that with my cross stitching! I could sell them and all the profit could go towards the NICU bill! In one afternoon, I had set up shop and received three orders. I was humbled. I realized that the same God whom I had trusted with my daughter in the NICU was the same God I could trust with my family’s financial future. Hopefully after we pay off Isla-Louise’s bills, I can use the business to help other families with little ones in the NICU.”

And her cross stitch work is fantastic! I asked Leigh to share her story here because I am so amazed that this scary experience has created such a neat business! Here are some samples of Leigh’s work:


Isla-Louise showing off a work in progress!

good god lemonimage1-1

And, after all she’s been through, I’m happy to report that Isla-Louise is happily thriving! Praise God that this little one is doing so well!


Leigh, for all you’ve been through, and all you’re working through now, I say thank you. Thank you for bravely caring for your daughter in the midst of emotional turmoil. Thank you for looking for ways to support your own family, and others who have been through what you’ve been through too. And in general, thank you for being an awesome mom!

If you’d be interested in helping the cause and buying an ADORABLE cross-stitch, check out Leigh’s site: Gimme Stitches

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