Momma Monday: Meet Meg!

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Moms work hard, and get very little recognition for that extraordinary work. That’s why every Monday I try to celebrate the life of a mom I admire and find new ways to say, “thank you”.  This Monday, I am excited to give a big thank you to a mom devoted to helping her family, and the wide world around her. 

Meet Meg 

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Meg is the mother of two adorable kiddos ages 3 and 4 and also works as an independent consultant with Rodan and Fields Dermatologists. She and her husband reside in Chesterfield Virgina with no plans of leaving! I love asking moms what their lives were like before kids… but I especially love it when they can’t remember! There’s something beautiful to knowing that your life has been forever changed in the best possible way.

“I remember turning to my husband not too long ago and ask him ‘what did we do before we had kids?!? ‘ I worked full time as a vet tech, and still work very part time at an emergency animal clinic as a receptionist. We honestly did whatever we wanted to! Things were definitely easier, but more lonely and less interesting”

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It’s so clear that Meg has a deep passion for her family. “Becoming a mom has changed everything! I could not love anyone more then I love my family! As a Christian, a funny thing happened, I truly understood the sacrifice of Jesus. Mostly from the parent, God’s, point of view. To have to give up a child for other people is just crazy, but the reward is amazing.”

As you can imagine, Meg spends a great deal of time wrangling her two toddlers.

Hard day? Take them out of the house, to the park, to the zoo, or even better, to target-snag yourself a goodie for being amazingMeg
When I asked her what she struggled with most as a mom she candidly answered, “Patience”. (boy, don’t we all!!) I couldn’t help but relate to her (and I only have one kiddo!) and so I asked how she handles that struggle.

“Prayer and repetition. It’s hard being patient, especially with two toddlers running around screaming and sometimes fighting with each other. Making sure you get some quiet time yourself is important, so put your children upstairs for either nap or quiet time so you can take a breather! Hard day? Take them out of the house, to the park, to the zoo, or even better, to target-snag yourself a goodie for being amazing.”

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In addition to being an amazing mom, Meg is also passionate about helping other women (and men) feel better about themselves. A while ago she started working with Rodan and Fields. They are the creators of Proactive and they have come out with a whole new line of products to help people with acne, wrinkles, stretch marks, sun spots, blemishes (both acne and post-acne marks), medical problems such as rosecea, eczema, and redness due to sensitive skin. The exciting part? Meg gets to help other women shake off their insecurities, all while getting more time in with her family.

“After having two children back-to-back I wanted to help my family financially. Well, after searching for jobs that would pay enough even to cover child care costs and give me flexibility with my hours, I had to settle on working an every other weekend, evening position. I missed quality family time, first birthday parties, family reunions, etc. I became a consultant because it is a fantastic business, helping change women, and men’s, lives. If a person feels confident about the way they look, they will be more successful in life. I now have the flexibility to work from home. I don’t have to miss out on birthdays and family reunions and I can spend more time, as a whole family, together on the weekends!”

I think it’s amazing when a mom can find a way to help others and be with her kids, and it’s definitely not something every mom can make work. I’m so excited for Meg, but I also know it’s a ton of work to balance home and work. We applaud you Meg for all that you do. Especially because the FIRST thing you said when asked about who you are and what you want people to know about you you responded, “I love Jesus and want to raise my family with good, wholesome, Christian values”. I will happily applaud that!

Meg, you a mom on mission. Thank you for being invested in your family, and THANK YOU for helping people everywhere gain confidence! I’m especially encouraged by how your company is people motivated, rather than product motivated. I pray you find all the blessings in the world both in your family and in your work!


To personally say thank you to Meg, or to find out more information about working for or buying product you can reach her by CLICKNG HERE. 

Here’s a great “before and after” photo of what some of the products she works with can do to help with stretch marks! (and if you’re a mom, you HAVE to check this out!!) stretch marks b &a

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