Momma Monday: Meet Mowry!

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Moms work hard, and get very little recognition for that extraordinary work. That’s why every Monday I try to celebrate the life of a mom I admire and find new ways to say, “thank you”.  This Monday, I am excited to give a big thank you to a mom who pours out all she has to her adventurous son, and works to help the environment!


Meet Mowry 

This week I feel honored to give a big THANK YOU to this momma. I met her and her hilarious son, Derek (age 4), at the playground. The first thing her son said to me was, “When I grow up, I’m gonna be five.” Derek definitely has an adventurous spirit and a boisterous personality! When I meet a kid who seems so special, it’s obvious there’s a strong mom behind him, and Mowry is definitely that! I asked Mowry to share a little about herself and her journey into motherhood.


My name is Mowry Maldonado. I have one child named Derek and he is 4 years old. He loves art, music, soccer,dinosaurs, super heros and bugs. He has a huge facsination  with nature and bugs and how things work. I focus a lot on the environment and that has really influenced him.

My life before pregnancy was very different from my life now. Before Derek, I traveled the world, and spent most of my living time in Panamá. I am an english/spanish teacher, and  I worked in the Latin American school system. I worked with the Methodist church and groups as a guide, worked with indigenous indians in Panamá, and was a guide in the rainforest. I taught many english classes from kindergarten students to adults at night school. I was the interpretor/translator for medical teams from the United States in the Indian reservation in Chiriqui, Panamá. While serving others and teaching them how to handle daily tasks such as boiling water to get rid of parasites, to teaching children to deliver babies in a sanitary way, the hardest to deal with was the death. Women, children, and men would die at times and the battle felt like a losing one a lot of times but seeing the relief and joy on the faces of the majority when receiving the love of a hug, medicine, food, fresh water and comfort of knowing people care made the everlasting change and life impact on me and the work.

I became pregnant while working with the indigenous indians and it was not planned and quite unexpected. I had to stop because of the serious tuberculosis and the other tropical diseases I was around the majority of the time. I still continued teaching but by the six month of pregnancy, I felt the need to return to the U.S. to have my baby. That was so hard because I waIMG_20131114_144056s not ready to leave my important work, but I knew my baby was first in my life now. Being a mom changed my life so much. It caused unplanned stress and amazing joy at the same time.

My favorite thing about being a mom is teaching my son the value of life of nature, people, and the spirit. I love to watch him grow into the knowledge he receives and even uses on a daily basis. I love being a stay at home mom now and sharing these experiences with him.

The biggest challenge in motherhood for me is separating my personal life and ‘parent’ life. I love to be a mom but I do not get a break like I would want at times. My husband works a lot of hours so he can’t help with the physical time and I really do not know many people where I live now. I am very independent and I teach spanish/english classes plus I have my sewing business and my son even has to be with me at those times. For me, that is my challenge, time for myself.

I love what I do though! My homemade goods are all eco-friendly items made with upcycled love and recycled materials. You can find anything from handsewn pillowcase dresses, jewlery, kids pre-school learning toys, painted tile and more. My store’s message is to be eco-aware of our surroundings and to teach others how.important our world around us is.


While Mowry may struggle with finding balance between work and home life, she does offer this advice: My advice (to a mom struggling similarly) would be to stay focused and get plenty of outside time. Meditation, rest, prayer time etc. is necessary to get through the sometimes loneliness. It always gets better though.

Mowry, your focus on raising your son, and helping the environment is so encouraging! Today we say THANK YOU for all you do!

To see Mowry’s store, CLICK HERE!

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