Potato Feet

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My child must be related to Houdini. As a baby, he could wiggle his way out of any article of clothing I tried to put on him! But the biggest challenge always was with his feet. I wanted my son to wear socks when it was cold, but after only a few minutes in them, I’d find them hanging on his foot, or laying on the floor. It was hard to find something that would protect his precious little toes, while also fitting well!

And then I discovered Potato Feet. You may have read about Kati from Potato Feet in a previous Momma Monday blog I wrote. She’s a real mom, and she encountered a similar problem when her son was little. Being the creative, crafty momma she is, she created shoes that fits better than anything I’ve ever seen! After that, a business was started, and now she makes baby and toddler shoes/moccasins that fit well, are cozy, and are SUPER CUTE.

I had the pleasure of teaming up with Kati to make this little promo video from real moms home video of their kids rocking Potato Feet! It was so cool to see such loving home videos, including a little boys first steps! I think it’s awesome that people love these shoes so much, and that their kids are experiencing big life moments in them!

Thank you Kati for the opportunity to share the amazing things you do at Potato Feet!

want your own pair? Check Potato Feet out at www.PotatoFeet.com!

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