More time with your favorite memories is a priceless gift, but Movie Momma strives to make it an affordable gift for you!

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Because each Movie Momma video is different it’s hard to list one blanket price for each. If you’d like a specific breakdown of each price, please send Movie Momma a message!

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Enjoy watching your favorite moments on the big screen! Your DVD comes with a custom label featuring a photo of the star of your video, and a special DVD menu featuring photos of your kid.

A Digital copy 

Movie Momma will send you a YouTube link that you can share on any social media platform!  Your friends can all enjoy just how awesome your kid is!  (The YouTube link can be set to private if you would prefer the whole world not to see your video, just ask Movie Momma!)

1 set of revisions

Movie Momma wants you to be happy with your video! As soon as you send her your videos, she’ll piece together a “rough edit” for you to review. You’ll be able to send her any changes you might want made, and she will make them!

Pure Joy

When you see those moments you had forgotten all put together in one place, you won’t be able to do anything but smile.