See why this mom is crying (and be prepared to have tissues ready yourself)

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Megan Crying

Moms work hard, and get very little recognition for that extraordinary work. That’s why every Monday I try to celebrate the life of a mom I admire and find new ways to say, “thank you”. ¬†This Momma Monday, I’m celebrating the life of a fantastic mother named Megan.

Megan’s son Ethan was born April 11, 2012. He was unplanned, and unexpected, but he was the very thing that has turned Megan’s life into something beautiful. ¬†“Before Ethan, I was living very dangerously. Ethan saved my life.” recounts Megan, as she considers what life was like before her son.

“It’s made me want to know Christ more, it’s made me want to be a parent that honors God, and it’s made me whole-heartedly dependent.”Megan, on motherhood

Megan tells a little of her story in the video below, but she also had the chance to talk more in depth with me. She told me about searching for meaning, approval, and love from all people, but especially from men. She found some security in the church, and came to faith. However, she was still struggling with her faith and looking for meaning elsewhere. This search lead her to a one night stand that left her with a life-changing result: Ethan.

“I hate that that’s my story.” Megan candidly shared. “But, I can’t change that fact. So I’ve come to love aspects of it. It’s made me want to know Christ more, it’s made me want to be a parent that honors God, and it’s made me whole-heartedly dependent.”

The road into motherhood has not been an easy one for Megan, and she often struggles with feeling like she’s making an impact on her son’s life. But she thanks God for him and is trying her best to be the best mother she can be. She shared this: “What was life before Christ? I was searching for love in all the wrong places. Before Ethan I was lost, scared, and lonely. After Christ, and Ethan, I am now made complete in the Fathers love, even when I don’t understand it, and I found direction through mothering Ethan!”

I think Megan is an amazing mother, worthy of celebrating and thanking. That’s why, when we Skyped, I decided to give her a little surprise. Watch as Megan both shares a little of her story, but also as she is moved to tears.

Megan, you aren’t perfect, but you are absolutely the right mom for Ethan. You matter immensely in his life, but also to every person your life, and Ethan’s life, touches. Thank you for being the right mom.

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