Tuesday Tip: DONT record with Instagram!

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Okay, first I feel I need to preface. I LOVE the Instagram app! I was ecstatic when Instagram gave users the capability to record and share videos with fun filters. I also love the progress IG has made with their videos. When they first came out with the capability to share videos, you had to use the Instagram app to record your video. As a mom, I never knew when my kid was going to do something adorable, so I had that app open constantly, ready to press and hold that red record button. Some of my earlier videos were cute, but jumpy because (as I said) I would only record for a few seconds as I never knew when my son was going to have that “awwww” moment.

Here’s one of my early Instagram videos:

Fortunately though, the app went under a few updates and FINALLY allowed users to edit/share videos they had previously recorded with their phone (rather than having to use the app to record a video). This moment was great, because now I could film for a couple minutes at a time, and then just edit down the cute 15 second segment I wanted. But… here in lies a problem I’ve encountered when editing Movie Momma videos:

Parents will often only send me the 15 second Instagram version of their video.

Why is this such a big deal? I mean after all, you edited out that cute 15 second segment, and even applied an artsy filter. Why wouldn’t I want my job to be made easier?

There are two problems that come from using an Instagram video in your finished project


Again, this might not seem like a big deal, but a square video can look funny in your finished Movie Momma video. I always add a colored background to keep blank space interesting, but sometimes the background color doesn’t match your filter as well as I’d like.


When it comes to recording your own videos with your phone, most of the time you’re not shooting the highest quality video. That’s okay! That’s why I’m here! I make your home videos look nicer than they originally do thanks to some super neat technology I have! (and mad skills) but when you make a video into an Instagram video, it seriously reduces the size and quality of the video. Have you ever seen one of those CSI type shows where they are looking at survelance footage and someone says “zoom in, I want to see that closer” and the person zooms in and it’s a clear picture? Yeah. That’s totally fake. Whenever you have something super small, and try to enlarge it, it gets blurry and weird looking. That’s exactly what happens to your videos when you use Instagram. They reduce the size to make it easier to quickly play when followers are scrolling through your feed. But the problem is, if I get it, your video ends up grainy (even with my technology and mad skills)


Please continue to utilize Instagram as a means to share your adorable videos! But do me a favor:

1. Record your video with your phone’s built in recording device first, and then upload it to Instagram.

2. Hold on to that original video! When you decide to get a movie made from Movie Momma, I want the long, unedited, unfiltered video! It’s my job to cut it down and make it look its best… and I promise to do just that!

So now you know! Keep filming your kids being awesome! And maximize that awesomeness by following this Tuesday’s tip!

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